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DC 5V 2.4G ISM HIFI Wireless Stereo Audio Transmitter Receiver 16Bit 44KSPS 5Mbp

DC 5V 2.4G ISM HIFI Wireless Stereo Audio Transmitter Receiver 16Bit 44KSPS 5Mbp

DC 5V 2.4G ISM HIFI Wireless Stereo Audio Transmitter Receiver 16Bit 44KSPS 5Mbp   DC 5V 2.4G ISM HIFI Wireless Stereo Audio Transmitter Receiver 16Bit 44KSPS 5Mbp
KCX_2.4G002 is a high-quality stereo audio transmitter that works in the 2.4G ISM frequency band. It transmits audio transmission streams up to 16Bit, 44.1KSPS, and the radio frequency air rate is up to 5Mbps, ensuring high fidelity in the audio transmission process. This module adopts technologies such as adaptive frequency hopping, forward error correction, buffering and retransmission to ensure the reliability of wireless transmission. The adaptive frequency hopping mechanism can effectively avoid WiFi and Bluetooth signals automatically, and can communicate with Bluetooth and WiFi.

Just insert this module into your product, you can upgrade ordinary wired audio products to wireless audio products. Two: Features and advantages 1: Uncompressed audio transmission with super CD sound quality 2: Excellent durability and coexistence 3: Through a variety of technologies to ensure the stability of wireless transmission v Adaptive frequency hopping v forward error correction v Buffering and retransmission 4: Intuitive LED indication and status port 5: Convenient and easy to use 6: Support 1 send and 4 receive (support up to 1 transmitter paired with 4 receivers to receive synchronously) 7: RF connection speed = 1s 8: Wireless transmission distance =100 meters (in the case of open ground without obstruction) 9: Wireless data encryption + frequency hopping technology to ensure the confidentiality of transmission. The receiving and transmitting end must be paired once for the first use, and subsequent use does not need to be paired, and it will be connected immediately after power on.

Three: Specifications and parameters Working voltage: DC5V Working current: 85mA Modulation method: GFSK Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz Dynamic range: 92dB Audio sampling rate: 16Bit/44.1Ksps Frequency range: 2.408-2.476GHz Data transmission rate: 5Mbps Transmission delay: 25ms Four: scope of application? CD, DVD, TV audio wireless transmission? Home theater, projector audio change to wireless?

Wireless microphone (need to add microphone preamplifier)? Wireless transmission of musical instrument audio signal Five: matters needing attention This product is a radio sensitive device. Although this module has an adaptive frequency hopping anti-interference mechanism, in order to make the communication more stable, the use and installation should be more than 2 meters away from the wireless router. 1: Antenna connection This product is equipped with a 4Dbi/2.4G high-gain omnidirectional antenna, which is connected to this product through an SMA detachable radio frequency interface. Users can also choose a compatible 2.4G antenna according to actual design needs.

When in use, the PCB antenna radiator should be as far away as possible from the main body of the product, audio cables, power cables, and other signal lines that are easily interfered. At the same time, the antenna should be exposed to the space as much as possible to avoid being blocked or shielded by metal objects.

Since 2.4G wireless signals cannot penetrate metal objects, there should be no metal objects blocking the antenna, so as not to affect the communication distance. The audio input end of the transmitter can be directly connected to the earphone jack or line audio output port of audio source devices such as mobile phones and MP3 players through a 3.5mm audio cable, and the audio output end of the receiver can be directly pushed into the earphone or output to an active speaker or amplifier. Eight: Connection and pairing instructions Pairing method: To use this product for the first time, it needs to be paired. In the power-on state, short press the Connect button of the receiving end, and the status indicator flashes slowly (on for 1s and off for 1s), indicating that it has entered the pairing mode. After the receiving end enters the pairing mode, short press the Connect button of the transmitter to be paired within 20 seconds, and the LED turns off 2000ms, flashing twice at a frequency of 50ms indicates successful pairing.

This product supports 1 to 4 (one transmitter can be paired and connected to four receivers at most), connect different receivers and repeat the same operation as above, the transmitter will memorize the 4 newly paired receivers, The next time you turn it on, you can connect automatically without pairing again. Unpairing: It is necessary to unpair the pairing status of a certain product. Simply press the Connect button of the receiver you want to unpair to unpair the receiver.

In addition, one transmitter can be paired with multiple receivers according to needs. At present, one transmitter can be connected and paired with 1-4 receivers at the same time, so that one transmitter can transmit audio signals and receive 1-4 receivers simultaneously.

Nine: How to distinguish transmitter and receiver At present, the transmitter and receiver share the same board. The audio socket used by the transmitter is blue, and the audio socket used by the receiver is green. You can distinguish whether the product is a transmitter or a receiver according to the color of the audio socket.

DC 5V 2.4G ISM HIFI Wireless Stereo Audio Transmitter Receiver 16Bit 44KSPS 5Mbp   DC 5V 2.4G ISM HIFI Wireless Stereo Audio Transmitter Receiver 16Bit 44KSPS 5Mbp