Radio Receiver Transmitter

Shure (1/16)

  • Shure Ha-8241 Professional Wireless Systems Helical Antenna (944-952mhz)
  • Shure Ur4d Wireless Receiver With Ur2 Handheld Transmitter (church Owned) Cg0005s
  • Shure Pgxd4 Wireless Receiver System With Pgxd1 Transmitter Sm58 Microphone & Case
  • Shure Wireless, Pg4 Receiver & Pgx1 Wireless Transmitter M Power Cord Not Tested
  • Used Shure Pg88 H7 Receiver 536-548 Mhz With 2 Pg1 H7 Transmitters
  • Shure Ur4d L3 638-698mhz Dual Wireless Receiver & 2 Ur1 L3 Bodypack Transmitters
  • Used Shure Ur4s+-h4 Uhfr Wireless Diversity Receiver 518-578 Mhz Wwb6 Compatible
  • Shure Glxd4 Wireless Receiver
  • Shure Ulxs4 Wireless Receiver With Ulx1 Transmitter Body Pack And Sm58 662-698mhz
  • Shure Pgx1 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter + Shure Wh20 Mic